Whenever I find photos of the ancestors I have been researching, it’s like a tiny window opens up and I get a glimpse of what they looked like during a period of time in the past.

A distant family member and someone who was nice enough to spend some time with me on the phone recently, Joyce Cobb Maness, shared with me some photos that opened one of those windows.

The pictures were from a place that has for some time been fascinating to me, the Cobb Family Cemetery in Haywood County, Tennessee. The entrance is right across the road from my second great grandfather’s (Preston Brantley) home and several of my Cobb and Brantley ancestors are buried there.

Many times I’ve read the document that was created by a small group of Cobb ancestors on August 21, 1986. In addition to cleaning up the old family cemetery, they created a committee and a fund that would assure the cemetery was maintained long into the future.

I have been grateful to that group each time I have visited the cemetery. In the document that Joyce Cobb Maness created back in 1986, the last line was, “Pictures were taken of those who attended this meeting to be passed to future committees.”

Thank you Joyce for sharing those pictures with me so I can post them here.

Lawrence Amherst Cobb and William McKinley Cobb
at the tombstone of their father, Simeon Amherst Cobb.

Back row, l to r: Nancy Helen Cobb, Lawrence Amherst
Cobb and Joyce Maness Cobb
Front row, l to r: Guy Brantley,
William McKenly Cobb & William Cobb.

Guy Brantley in front of the headstone of his parents.
Preston and Mary Etta Cobb Brantley,
my second great grandparents.

Lawrence Amherst Cobb and William McKenly Cobb

Joyce Cobb Maness and her father,
Lawrence Amherst Cobb

William McKenly Cobb, Guy Brantley and
Willam’s son, Billy.

Visit this blog entry to discover more about the Cobb Family Cemetery, its history and who is buried there, and you can find out more about the Cobb family here. More about my Haywood County ancestors can be found at HaywoodCountyLine.com while more blog posts can be be read on my blog page.

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